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Beta-testing of the ascContainer

In addition to publishing our company creates software for developers.

We are planning to create a multi-level infrastructure, and each level of this infrastructure will conform to the certain abstraction level. You can find the details on the asc concept page.

The highest level can be considered as a design environment, a kind of a RAD tool, that helps to create a complete application "on the fly".  The most important features of this design environment are the dynamic interfaces (including custom interfaces), the Automation support, based  on MS VBA-like technology (forms, scripting, etc.), the transparent and uniform DB access - both for local and remote databases, and distributed computing, that allows to separate up the application logic into the presentation part (a client part), busyness logic (that works on a remote server(s)) and data logic (that works on the server as well). You can read about this product here: ascContainer. ascContainer is a set of tools for the creation of dynamic user interface, which works on the object level. The devreloper creates, describes and customizes objects and ascContainer creates all the necessary infrastructure automatically. Now this part of our project is opened for the beta-testing. If you want to take a part in the beta-testing, you can get the beta version here.

The second level includes the components lying in the base of the described RAD environment. The developer can use the elements of this RAD  in any ActiveX-compatible (MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, Borland Delphi) or Net CLR-compatible (VB.Net, VC.Net, C#.Net) development tool. It can be, for instance, an enhanced component for directory management. It is rather difficult to describe here all the abilities and features of components, so, if you are interested, just download  the prototype of such a component from ASC Components - Invoice page.

And at last, at the lowest level you can find the ascDB library - the set of ActiveX controls, simlifying the interaction with DB in multi-tier distributed environment. This library is still in the in the internal testing, and was not completely documented yet. You can read the article about this library here . If you want to take a part in this closed beta-testing, send us the letter of inquiry with attached form.

ascDB prices

The exact price of ascDB is not determined yet. Nevertheless we can promise that one-user version will be free.

ascContainer prices

The complete copy for corporate using will cost $30 (we are speaking about future, because at present the ascContainer is in the stage of beta-testing). At that you cannot pass the designer part to third companies or to third users because it is prohibited by license agreement. The amount of legal copies is 20. The runtime-part (the container without the designer) can be distributed free.

You can get source code for $150 (it is clear that the license will impose some restrictions). This price includes an unlimited amount of corporate licenses.

$200 allows you to sell products including ascContainer designer freely. This license allows to sell no more than 400 sublicenses per year. If you are planning to exceed this quantity, we'll conclude a special agreement with you.

Moreover, we provided a trial version. This version is absolutely free, however it will expire after 4 months.

The payment can be carried out by transfer. To get a bill You must send us the letter about billing. The carried payment must be made in rubles (at our rouble account with the exchange rate based on Central Bank of Russia rate) or in currency (at our currency account - for foreign organizations). 

You can contact us by mail ( e-mail )  or by phone (095)180-0201 (Moscow). We shall be very grateful for your information about bugs and imperfections of our software.

Products: ascContainer, ascDB.

Your comments and suggestions you can send to: mag@rsdn.ru
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